MAAC has a decision for entry in the records of socio-economic partners of the Government of R. North Macedonia, and thus the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy. MAAC has also signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Agency for Promotion of Agricultural Development as well as Memorandum of Cooperation with several Cooperative Unions in the region: ZS Serbia, ZS Vojvodina, ZS Croatia, ZS Slovenia, ZS Bosnia and Herzegovina, ZS Republika Srpska and Poland.


zadružni savez bosne i hercegovine

To achieve its goals, MAAC cooperates with national and international NGOs, government institutions at local and national level, as well as with entities in the field of education and business, which contribute and influence the conditions for development of sustainable and profitable agricultural production, conditions necessary for development in rural areas and the quality of life of farmers. MAAC has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and received a letter of thanks for the development of the cooperative and the cooperative idea in the Republic of North Macedonia and from the National Federation of Farmers.

In terms of building cooperation, MAAC is in the phase of establishing partnerships and networking with related domestic and organizations in the region for mutual cooperation in the implementation of joint projects in the field of agricultural cooperatives; to jointly identify the needs for education and training in the agricultural sector and to cooperate in their realization; to jointly promote the introduction of new production technologies and the application of standards in agriculture that will facilitate and modernize the work of farmers; to work together to find the necessary technical resources to improve professional knowledge and information in the agricultural sector, as well as to improve the competitiveness and profitability of farmers.

Care Balkans and MEDF remain strong partners of MAAC in the overall process of successful promotion of joint actions and encouragement of agricultural “citizenship” by creating a better idea of the content and form of functional cooperation in agriculture, European-oriented expectations of the law on cooperatives and conditions for starting their representation at the national level as well as contributing to better regulation and representation.

MAAC together with Care Balkans and MEDF directly contribute to raising farmers’ awareness of the benefits and opportunities for association in agricultural cooperatives and promoting joint economic forms of action in the agricultural sector and thus jointly improve the situation in the agricultural sector and the conditions for work of the Macedonian farmer. Additionally, an initiative was launched to develop a favorable environment conducive to the development, promotion and strengthening of existing agricultural cooperatives and the creation of new, efficient cooperatives.