Description of the organizational set-up of MAAC

MAAC has an Assembly composed of all members who have paid membership fees.

The structure of MAAC consists an Assembly which is the highest governing structure with all members, a Management board with 9 members and a Supervisory board with 5 members. The representative of MAAC is the President who is also the President of the Management board.

The Assembly elects external members to the Supervisory board. Those members are obliged to prepare a report at least once a year on the quality of the organization’s work, the implemented decisions and the manner of used finances. The members of the Supervisory board supervise the work of the Management board and the Executive office, and for the inspection of the work they submit a report to the Management board and inform the members of the Assembly.

The Assembly elects a President and 8 members of the Management board. Each member of the Management board will have his function in his 4 (four) year term.

The President is the legal representative of the Association and he oversees all activities in the organization and is responsible for the work of MAAC in its entirety. The President is elected from among the members of the agricultural cooperatives by a candidacy of at least 2 cooperatives. It is desirable for the President to have higher education and to be experienced in management in a similar type of organization. Тhe Assembly proposes the Vice President of MAAC who is elected among the members of the Management board with the largest number of votes received. The Vice President is a new position in MAAC and for his action appropriate recommendations will be made for changes in the Statute.

The other 7 members of the Management Board will have their respective responsibilities during the mandate, as follows:

– Member of the Management board responsible for contact with the agricultural cooperatives from 4 planning regions

– Member of the Management board responsible for contact with the agricultural cooperatives from 4 planning regions

– Member of the Management board responsible for international cooperation

– Member of the Management board responsible for monitoring the development capacities of the organization

– Member of the Management board responsible for cooperation with state institutions and relevant stakeholders

– Member of the board responsible for normative acts and procedures in the organization, as well as for monitoring the plan for monitoring and evaluation

– Member of the Management board responsible for monitoring the financial operations and creating systems for sustainability.

The Management board together with the President meet at least 4 times a year (it can also be an electronic meeting) and are accountable for their work before the Assembly. They should also take care of holding regular sessions of the Assembly, preparing materials for it and securing the position of Speaker of the Assembly, who should be a member of the cooperatives, a cooperative trusted by the majority.

The Management board elects from among its members a Commission, which announces a call for the position of Secretary General of MAAC. The Secretary General should have knowledge of cooperatives and agriculture in the Republic of North Macedonia, be highly educated and have extensive experience in managing large organizations. The Secretary General is the equivalent of a CEO in some organizations. He is selected by announcement, after an interview with the commission and recommendations from third parties.

The Secretary General takes care of the overall operation of the Executive office. He / she together with the Commission appointed by the Management board publishes announcements for all positions open or out of necessity for the action of the executive office. The Head of finance and administration works in day-to-day cooperation with the Secretary General and holds the position of Head of Office until there is no opportunity to elect a person to that position. It would be a team that would serve all sectors in MAAC and would provide adequate support to the members of the Management board in planning the annual plans for the organization.