The Macedonian association of agricultural cooperatives – MAAC consolidates the work of agricultural cooperatives and their members to exercise their individual and mutual rights and interests in a modern and democratic way and contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture and quality of life. The goal of the organization is to protect the economic, social and cultural interests of farmers and to work to improve the conditions of the production market. To achieve this goal, MAAC cooperates with national and international NGOs, government institutions at local and national level, as well as with entities in the field of education and business, which contribute and influence the conditions for development of sustainable and profitable agricultural production, conditions necessary for development in rural areas and the quality of life of farmers. In general, the organization influences public opinion and, following the economic and political situation, responds in a timely manner by presenting key issues for agricultural development to the relevant institutions.

In 2012, an initiative was launched by the agricultural cooperatives that worked on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia to create an umbrella organization that would represent the interests of agricultural cooperatives and protect their rights and already in May the same year, eight agricultural cooperatives formed the Macedonian association of agricultural cooperatives. MAAC is the only organization that in cooperation with MAFWE for 8 years in a row, the first Saturday of July, organizes the International Day of Cooperatives which on the same date every year is celebrated in parallel around the world. The purpose of organizing this event is to develop a dialogue between farmers (cooperatives), governmental and non-governmental institutions and positive promotion of the economic organization of farmers as the only perspective for the development of agriculture in the region. MAAC is the only organization that with the support of non-governmental organizations and donors from the region, for 7 years in a row organizes a Regional Conference of Cooperatives attended by representatives of cooperative unions from R. Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and Vojvodina. The purpose of organizing the conference is to promote and advance the cooperative idea and movement in the country and the region as well as to transfer the positive experiences for the cooperative movement from the neighbouring countries to the Association.

MAAC mission

The Macedonian association of agricultural cooperatives is a registered union of cooperatives that exists to support the formation of new cooperatives, to unite all agricultural cooperatives in the country and to provide strengthening management capacity of cooperatives, equal treatment of their needs and real support for their placement, products market domestically and internationally. The Macedonian association of agricultural cooperatives is the voice of the farmer in the Republic of North Macedonia and the bearer of the changes in the harmonization of the legislation with the European Union.

MAAC vision

The vision of the Macedonian association of agricultural cooperatives to become a leading brand of farmers’ associations in the Republic of North Macedonia, which will have the power to be a pillar of active cooperatives and a strong driver of change in agriculture by raising public awareness to recognize agricultural cooperatives as the only a means of achieving additional productivity and efficiency in the agricultural sector.