Civica Mobilitas – small action grant

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Macedonian association of agricultural cooperatives in the period from 01.08.2017-31.05.2018 was implementer of a small action grant from CIVICA MOBILITAS program entitled “Let’s build a cooperative society”. The project was aimed at raising farmers’ awareness of the benefits of cooperative association, promoting the economic association of farmers through cooperatives and contributing to the understanding of the supply chain among farmers and market access; Identification and analysis of all legal acts related to the functioning of agricultural cooperatives.

Vertical review of the legislation by finding the established legal acts, their impact on the agricultural cooperatives and their members up to the higher legal framework from which they descend; Comparative review of the legislation by mapping all established legal acts and linking them to each other to assess their impact on members of agricultural cooperatives compared to non-cooperative farmers, integrated into appropriate sectoral analysis submitted to stakeholders in the sector. The project practically contributed to a positive social change in the agricultural sector, decentralization and promotion of joint actions and encouragement of agricultural “citizenship” by creating a better idea of ​​the content and form of functional cooperation in agriculture, European-oriented law expectations and conditions for starting them, representation at national level as well as contribution to better regulation and representation. The project increased the role of MAAC in the cooperative development and caused the initiation of positive changes in the legislation.